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Welcome to, an online community dedicated to horses and other members of the equine family. is a resource center for equine enthusiasts, featuring articles and information about horses and their equine cousins, horses for sale, a directory of websites about horses, and a shopping center where you can buy unique equine gifts and products for horses.

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I have been training horses for more than 45 years and I have yet to meet a horse that lies or wants to hurt anyone without a reason. The affection, trust and respect I get from the horses has NEVER been duplicated by anyone else (except my dog). Nothing is more beautiful than a horse for grace and athleticism. No matter the breed, size or color, horses give their best when they understand what you're asking. If you can communicate with a horse you can communicate with almost anyone. I've watched people change and become happier, better adjusted and healthier from their exposure to horses. This phenomena is displayed in the increasing number of "handicapped" programs and prisons using horses. No matter what your religious belief horses are one of nature's greatest creations.

— Vallory McGraw
Paso Robles, CA


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    Featured Equine: The Zorse
    10 Tips for Buying a Horse
    How to Photograph your Horse
    Western Saddles: The Top 7 Buying Mistakes
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    Riding on the Road
    Featured Equine: The Przewalski Horse

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    Horse and Pony Times: ABOUT HORSES

    Featured Expert Article:
    by Don Blazer

    If we seek perfect horsemanship, then we must seek knowledge.

    In seeking knowledge we often discover what we know is incomplete, and being incomplete is frequently not the truth.

    Example: a horseman thought by many to be knowledgeable defines a snaffle bit as "a bit with a jointed mouthpiece." Read More.

    Now in the Gift Shop!  The Little Book of Horse Poop. Everything you had no idea you ever wanted to know about your horse's manure. Includes humorous tips for mucking out, weird horse poop history and trivia, and ideas for making manure management more manageable. Makes a great gift for that hard-to-please horse enthusiast.

    Be sure to check out our equine resource center, including our database of horse breeds (includes pictures and links to breeders) and articles by equine industry Experts.

    EQUINE EXPERTS! is searching for horse experts to write content for our equestrian resources center. Trainers, breeders, and experts on any equestrian subject, including riding, racing, horse and pony breeds, horseback sport/competition, breeding etc.: we want to hear from you. Qualified participants will receive their own category and the opportunity to earn advertising revenue. Share your equine know-how.


    Do you have a great picture of your horse or horses, pony, mule, or other equine? Watch this space for our upcoming horse photo contest.


    Riding on the Road
    by Jan Dawson
    President, American Association for Horsemanship Safety

    With spring comes the desire to ride out. Not just out, but out and down the road. How safe is it? At a recent conference we did at the Vermont Law School, the subject of road safety came up and without exception all were concerned, not with the basic rules of the road, but instead with the behavior of drivers which seems to get worse every year. Read More.


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    equine \'E-"kwIn \ adj : of, relating to, or resembling a horse, pony, or the horse family (ie., horses, donkies, mules, zebras and zorses) is an equal-opportunity equine site! If you're a mule, donkey, zebra or zorse fan please send us your stories, photos, and facts for our upcoming "Alternative Equestrian" category.


    A dog looks up to you. A cat looks down on you. But a horse looks at you and sees an equal.
    Winston Churchill (modified slightly!)

    God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.
    R.B. Cunninghame-Graham

    I realize that the concept of wild horses probably stirs romantic notions in many of you, but this is because you have never met any wild horses in person ... They amble up to your camp site, and their attitude is: "We're wild horses. We're going to eat your food, knock down your tent and poop on your shoes. We're protected by federal law, just like Richard Nixon."
    Dave Barry, "Tenting Grandpa Bob"

    When one is on horseback he knows all things.
    George Herbert

    In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.
    Pam Brown

    I know nothing about racing and any money I put on a horse is a sort of insurance policy to prevent it winning.
    Frank Richardson

    Send us your favorite horse quotes!

    The Diverse Equine Family

    Free-roaming Przewalski horses in the mountain steppe area of the National Park. Photo by John de Meij. All rights FPPPH.

    Przewalski horses
    The word "equine" makes most of us think "horse." It's easy to understand why; horses are certainly the most familiar (and usually the most favored) equine species, with a long history of service in the world of human beings. But horses by no means have a monopoly on the qualities we admire most in them, such as strength, beauty, and endurance. Other equine species have these qualities, too, from the lowly donkey to the dazzling zebra.

    We love our horses, but we'd like to take this opportunity to honor those equids who live in the shadow of their more popular equine cousin.

    Equidae Equus Horses are members of the family Equidae, which is one of three families in the order Perissodactyla. It may surprise you to learn that the Perissodactyla (meaning "odd toed") order includes the tapirs, which look a little like pigs, and the Rhinoceros. These very distant cousins of the horse have three toes on each foot, while all equine species have just one.

    There are seven equine species in the genus Equus, including Equus Equus caballus, the domestic horse. The other six members of the genus are Equus Ferus przewalskii, or "Przewalski horse" (known in its native Mongolia as the "takhi"), Equus Hippotigris burchelli (the Plains, Burchelli's or Grant's zebra), Equus Hippotigris zebra (the mountain zebra), Equus Dolichohippus grevyi (Grevy's zebra), and the two species of donkey known as Equus Asinus africanus and Equus Asinus hemionus. Each equine is genetically very similar all other members of the genus. All equine species possess the ability to interbreed. Horses, for example, can be crossed with donkeys or zebras to produce viable offspring that possesses some of the qualities of both species.

    Featured equine: The Zorse

    The Zorse (Equus zebra × Equus caballus)

    Equine hybrids have been coexisting with human beings for centuries, with the most common domesticated hybrid being, of course, the mule. Mules are a cross between two domestic species of equine, the horse and the donkey. But all equines are genetically compatible with one another, and with this in mind it was really only a matter of time before human beings became curious enough to try out some of the other possible combinations. More About The Zorse.

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